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The Best Skateboard Videos Ever Made

Videos are guilty of going in and out of the clutter. Rain, snow or sleet, you just need a little inspiration, this book will make you fall in love! I hurt best friends video game team you on the field, you at that time in the stands

I’ll start with the classics, the legend of skateboarding as it is today. These videos have inspired generations and pushed the boundaries of what is possible. Honoring their legacy and inspiring future generations.

The Best Skateboard Videos Ever Made
The Best Skateboard Videos Ever Made\

The best skate videos chronologically

It started with the infamous Brigade Bones 1984 and ended with Cherry Supreme from 2014. We recently added 12 more videos and need to release them regularly.

Video shows The Bone Brigade in 1984

in memory Let’s start with The Bones Brigade video show, the first ice skating video produced by the legendary Stacy Peralta and Craig Stecyk. It has good pixels and doesn’t have HD like 4K used to. Just normal VHS technology.
Gotta love the music, I was a child of the 80’s and this really brought me back. There are pool games and figure skating games and you will be amazed at what they do together. Mountain Bombing, Water Skiing, Flat Landing (Rodney Mullen).

Notable skaters:

Steve Caballero
Tony Hawk
Mike McGill
Mount Lance
Rodney Mullen
Stacy Peralta
Every Welinder

Powell Peralta – The Search for Animal Chin (1987)

I can’t ignore it, it’s still the early days of skateboard videos, and again, this is the Bones Brigade. The plot of this video is different (more Chinese?) than the first one. Interestingly, it was supposed to be Animal Chang, but Stacey Peralta misinterpreted the nickname and the result was Animal Party.

Another interesting fact is that the vert in the movie was rebuilt for the 30th anniversary of the film. The original crew of the brigade reunited and skated the ramp no one skated in 30 years.

Featured skateboarders:

  • Lance Mountain
  • Mike McGill
  • Steve Caballero
  • Tommy Guerrero
  • Tony Hawk

H-Street – Shackle Me Not (1988)

Staying in the old school area, it may be dated but the shit they pull off makes me jealous. Hardcore vert, pool and street skating that makes your jaw drop. This video belongs in this list! I’m sure Matt Hensley, Danny Way or Tony Magnusson rings a bell even if you’re not an ’80s kid. Even in 2022+ people still talk about H-Street, know your classics kids!

  • Aaron Vincent
  • Art Godoy
  • Ben Job
  • Brennand Schoeffel
  • Brian Lotti
  • Carl Hyndman
  • Chris Livingston
  • Danny Way
  • Darrin Kimura
  • Dave Andrecht
  • Dave Sornson
  • David Nielsen
  • Eddie Elguera
  • Jason Richardson
  • Jeff Klindt
  • And many more…

H-Street – Hokus Pokus (1989)

The video was insane, H-Street set a new standard with Hokus Pokus and showed things never seen before. 360 7 Steps (Dave Graves) was revolutionary at the time. At the time, skate video was revolutionary and heralded the beginning of a new era. Too bad Hensley quit professional skating after this video.

  • Chris Livingston
  • Colby Carter
  • Danny Way
  • Dave Donalson
  • Dave Sornson
  • David Nielsen
  • Eddie Elguera
  • John Deago
  • John Sonner
  • Kien Lieu
  • Matt Hensley
  • Mike Carroll
  • Ron Allen
  • Ryan Monihan
  • Sal Barbier
  • Steve Ortega
  • Tony Magnusson

What makes this video so special is that Spike Jonze set the new standard for skate videos. The video made a huge impact on how future films were produced and watching Mark Gonzalez is pure bliss.

It’s not only that, Video Days is a documentary about the transformation of the skateboard industry from ‘corporate’ ownership and vert contests, to skater owned street-level skateboarding. It ushered in the era of modern street skating.

Featured skateboarders:

  • Mark Gonzales
  • Rudy Johnson
  • Jason Lee
  • Guy Mariano
  • Jordan Richter

Alien Workshop – Memory Screen (1991)

Back in 1991 Alien Workshop released their first skateboard video. This video is somewhat experimental and was partly shot in Super 8 format (which ads to the nostalgia). Far ahead of its time, creative editing, great soundtrack and lots of technical, vert, and street skateboarding.

Featured skateboarders:

  • Rob Dyrdek
  • Steve Claar
  • Scott Conklin
  • John Pryor
  • Thomas Morgan
  • Bo Turner
  • Duane Pitre

Plan B – Questionable (1992)

If there’s one video that stood the test of time it’s Plan B’s Questionable, it arguably set the bar for today’s skateboarding. There’s a good chance if you ask an older skateboarder which skateboard video is their holy grail, Questionable is the answer.

We see master Mullen creating art, Pat’s Smiths and lipslides are jaw-dropping and Colin McKay skating vert and street while Iron Maiden’s Aces High plays in the background is incredible.  Everyone in this video was exceptional and most of them became legends. This entire video is a hint on what skateboarding was going to be the upcoming years.

Featured skateboarders:

  • Sal Barbier
  • Mike Carroll
  • Pat Duffy
  • Ryan Fabry
  • Matt Hensley
  • Rick Howard
  • Colin Mckay
  • Rodney Mullen
  • Sean Sheffey
  • Danny Way

101 – Snuff (1993)

When Snuff was released, hour-long videos were pretty common. Snuff is a really short video with a young Jason Dill doing insane stuff. Some tricks were never seen before and performed with great style and execution. Gino Iannucci and Dill did some crazy stuff that completely changed the game at that time.

The speed, accuracy, and execution were unmatched and this video still holds up to this day. The video was promoted using a controversial cover of a half-naked lady on the floor along with the title “A bullet in the head, a pocket full of Dollars”.

Featured skateboarders:

  • Adam McNatt
  • Andy Stone
  • Gabriel Rodriguez
  • Gino Iannucci
  • Jason Dill

Girl Skateboards – Mouse (1996)

Fast forward to 1996, where young skateboarder Eric Coston, as well as Rick Howard and Mike Carroll in “Mouse,” performed insane moves most of us can’t even imagine. Spike Jonze wrote many sketches and to this day this film is considered one of the best. There are no planned moves of street skateboard champions, just 100% raw and natural riding. Mouse is Girls is the second skateboarding movie (the previous one was Goldfish, 1994).

This is a must see classic directed by Spike Jonze and based on the German novel Das Maus. The movie consists of skits and heavy street skateboarding. Before the end credits, Guy Mariano makes an appearance and steals the show. Watching his part always gets me stoked, I just love this style. but the whole video is inspiring. Great soundtrack and an audio-visual masterpiece, 1996 was a good year.

Featured skateboarders:

  • Ben Sanchez
  • Chico Brenes
  • Daniel Castillo
  • Eric Koston
  • Gabriel Rodriguez
  • Gino Iannucci
  • Guy Mariano
  • Jeron Wilson
  • Jovontae Turner
  • Keenan Milton
  • Mike Carroll
  • Mike York
  • Richard Mulder
  • Rick Howard
  • Rudy Johnson
  • Sean Sheffey
  • Shamil Randle
  • Tim Gavin
  • Tony Ferguson

Toy Machine – Welcome to Hell (1996)

Before we move on, I’d like to stick to this year (after all it was the year I started skateboarding). In the same year Girl shot Mouse, Toy Machine released Welcome To Hell. Even after a long time, the first Toy Machine video stands the tests of time although skateboarding was much different back then.

Underachievers – Eastern Exposure 3 (1996)

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