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face splits incident 2009 original video

face splits incident 2009 original video

I know another person has already posted this, but I discovered a longer version (supposedly the one making its rounds on the Internet) on this blog from 2009 which I didn’t manage to post in time. Then just recently, I found an even longer version posted 1 month ago on bestgore. So here are both videos. The first one is the longest version (abt 3 minutes long). The second one is the one supposedly making its rounds in 2009.

split face diving accident Gore Video WARNING !this incident could’veic been countered if the person jumping wouldn’t have run, I have not heard anything else about this trag incident . Hopefully he is okay and alive. #splitfacedivingaccident

Some US Medical personnel say the video is fake because he is not receiving proper medical care. Keep in mind that this is Lebanon. He is getting reasonable medical care, but he is not receiving the best of medical care.

In this case, the best care would be the following: Put the victim in a drug induced coma for most of the time. Start with the major things like checking the frontal bone (forehead) to ensure the brain is safe, maintain vascular supply to tissues, deal with the airway (victim would need a tracheotomy), try to save his vision and go from there. After that, try bone fusions/pinnings to repair bones and muscle re-attachments to repair muscles. Skin and soft tissues would be dealt with last. There would surely be a hell of a scar afterward.

In this case, all the surgeons could do was to stitch up the deep and severe wounds in his face. Although some clinicians on the Net say that a good ENT could patch this kid up, this poor guy could not be saved. All the surgeons were able to do was keep him alive in the ICU for two days before he died. The death was due to spinal fracture and in particular severe internal bleeding in the brain.

Death was due to internal bleeding. A lot of people in Beirut gave money to his family after he died


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